Bankruptcy Evaluation

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Have you declared bankruptcy in the last 8 years?

Some debts are usually simple to discharge. (Check all that apply)
Credit CardsMedical BillsPersonal Loans

Some debts are usually not dischargeable. (Check all that apply)
Student LoansCourt FinesChild Support & AlimonyIncome Taxes

Some debts are secured by collateral. (Check all that apply)
Home MortgageOther Real Estate MortgageAuto Loans

Sometimes creditors take court action. (Check all that apply)
One or more creditors has/have a Judgement(s) against me/usA summons has been recently served, but not yet gone to judgement

Do you own or are you buying a home?

Are you behind on house payments?

Do you own or are you buying a car?

Marital status
Married & living with my spouseMarried but not living with my spouseSingleDivorcedWidow/Widower